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Life has many special moments and surprises – times and instances that are worth remembering with a visual record. You can capture those times with a variety of Cameras and Videos of varying quality.

Detailed below are just a few of many real examples.


Easy, Convenient - Point & Shoot

It is convenient to create lifelike photos and HD videos by taking pictures with an Android/Smart mobile phone and then instantly sharing those pictures with another compatible smartphone, tablet or load them onto social media websites.

The quality of photos taken as snaps with your androidsmarts phone are very convenient but would not be as “original” or have the “high quality” you may require of your “Special Moments”.


Lifelike, Sharp, Versatile, High Quality Digital SLR & Video.

Several Top Manufacturers produce “Quality” Digital SLR Cameras and Videos to capture, share & preserve those special moments for posterity and future reminiscing.

One such Camera is the Nikon D3300 with ultra-compact 18-55mm Black Lens + Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 SLD DG Macro Lens + 32GB Memory.

The Nikon D3300 is compact and easy to use. Capture exciting and sharp 24.2 MP photos and 1080p Full HD videos with sound, vibrant colours and softly blurred backgrounds.

Then as for the smartphone example above, utilize the optional WU-1a Wireless Adapter and instantly share your photos with your compatible smarts phone or tablet. Share these high quality photos via – email, text or upload them to your social media web sites.

In this situation you can use your compatible AndroidSmarts phone or tablet as a remote monitor for your SLR Camera.


I am a SMART CAMERA, Why DSLR? - UTube

Lifelike, Sharp, Versatile, High Quality Underwater Sports Digital Video.

New AMKOV Outdoor 30M Waterproof HD Sports DVR Camera:

WIFI Connection--Support both Android and IOS system, any phone and pad can be connected very fast!

Water Resistant--Waterproof Case allows you to film fascinating water sports down to 30 meters in water!

Action DV Cam Car Recorder 14MP Full HD 1080P 170 degree Wide-angle Lens Video Recorder Helmet Car.

Multiple video recording formats: 1080P, 720P, MOV.


Prices of items listed below may be lower since listed in September 2015 - Check it out!

2.7" 4X Digital Zoom HD Digital Camera Wearable Waterproof Extreme Sports 3.0" 21X Digital Zoom HD Camera/Camcorder
$77.00 AU $148.00 AU $318.00 AU

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