Accessories are the key to forming Smart & Effective Solutions & they are in many overlapping categories:


** Cell Phone Accessories ** Computer Accessories
** Cables, Adapters & Connectors ** Wireless Wi-Fi Accessories
** Video & HDMI TV Accessories ** Audio & BlueTooth Accessories

Android Smart Accessories are available to solve most connection issues involving
"Smart & Effective Solutions". Digital electronic Accessories cover a vast range to enhance functionality for connection & communication involving USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, direct Cable connections & remote wireless Wi-Fi connections.

The majority of Laptop and Mobile devices are Bluetooth Enabled.

Automobiles are now being produced that are Bluetooth Enabled, giving rise to the large number of Automobile Accessories for AndroidSmarts including power chargers & car mounts allowing "Hands-Free" type of operations.

PC Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Mobile Phones have been around now for many years both in business and home use. The Android & Smart Operating systems have enabled Mini PC’s , Monitors, Phones, TV’s, Videos, Games, Watches , MP3 Players, Entertainment Centres and 1000’s of Digital Electronic devices to be computers in their own rights and allows them to capture, record & transmit vital digital data to be used in a stand-alone capacity or be a part of an interconnected system.

The AndroidSmart Operating systems provide all these Digital Electronic devices with intelligence and the ability, given the right connections, to communicate with each other in a standard specified languages & standard protocols.

When you use computers, entertainment systems or telephones, the various pieces and parts of the systems make up a community of electronic devices. These devices communicate with each other using a variety of mechanisms - wires, cables, radio signals and infrared light beams, and an even greater variety of connectors, plugs and protocols.


Android accessories are a massive market in their own right. There are 1000’s upon 1000’s of accessories on the market.

*** BUT ***

Before you rush off buying something that looks good, you need to:

*** STOP - Take a Breath.
*** Seek Advice, Search Engine or Forum.
*** Know the Specs you are seeking (Bluetooth ?).
*** Ensure it can “Communicate” with your Android Device.
*** Remember-All Android Devices are NOT Identical.
*** Check-Out the Market - Prices & Reputable Suppliers.

AndroidSmarts available today can be either UNIVERSAL or they may be SPECIFIC for a device.

If you have an AndroidSmart phone you will soon find that there are a several accessories that are deemed Essential and 10,000’s that are Optional. Some suggestions of Essentials :

Protective Cases/Wallets.

Ensure your case fits properly & is specific for your Android phone or device. Protect your valuable Android/Smart Phone from :

* Life’s Bumps, Accidental Drops & Knocks.
* Accidently touching and starting Apps Unnecessarily.

Case Cover designed for Sony Xperia Z3 Cell Phone with:
** Flip Folio (Magnetic Closure).
** Full Body protection Wallet Case.
** Stand Feature and Card Slots.
** Full access to user interface, camera lens, headphone jack.
** Full access to speakerphone and microphone.
** Allows Charging without removing the case.
** Made of high quality PU leather.
** 1 E LV Stylus – Classic Black.


Best MUST Have Tech Gadgets - UTube


Mobile Portable Power.

The majority of Android Smartphones particularly 4G’s utilizing power fast when you are on the go and need to be re-charged from a power outlet generally daily. If a power outlet is not available then a universal external battery can provide power to your USB- enabled phone or tablet, irrespective of your location.

Compact & Portable Design, easy to carry in pocket or purse:
Multi-Functional power bank with a high capacity 11000mAh.
Portable Car Jump Starter Auto Power Pack - Car Emergency.
Car backup charger 12V 250A Output.
External Battery Pack Cell Phone Charger.
Power Source Tablet 20V 3.5A.
Laptop Portable Power Source 12V 2.5A.
Laptop Charger.


Our Real-Life Android Smart Solutions

There are lots of different ways that electronic devices can connect to one another to provide a Smart Solution.

We would like to know the details of & the components involved in your
Real-Life Workable Android Smart Solution and if

(1) Accepted
(2) Agreeable

To add your Android Smart Solution to the list detailed below.

Notify us of Your Solution Details - with a reference to our Smart Solutions
Email :

To start the ball rolling, I have listed a Horse Training/Conditioning System Solution provided by IMOAN ARABIANS


Solution 1 ( Sports Equine).

This involves the preparation and conditioning of a small team of Arabian & Arabian Derivative Endurance & Performance Horses.
Part of their preparation involves “Conditioning” which is provided by Controlled Regulated Exercise Routines at various speeds and distances.These “Conditioning” exercises take place either out on track with a rider or unridden within a Horse Walker that revolves either Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise at variable controlled speeds and duration.

To ensure we monitor the particular horses performance we need to Sense, Transmit, Record, View and Analyse specific real-time digital information that provides us an “Internal Window” into how that horse is travelling and indicators as to his overall health – Temperature, Heart Rate, Distance, Speed, Time.

This digital real-time data record of the exercise routine allows for more detailed evaluation at a later date.

In this example Polar products are utilised - specifically the Polar Equine RS800CX including the T56H transmitter including Wearlink W.I.N.D, G3 GPS Sensor & an iRDA USB Adapter.

AndroidSmarts involved in this process apart from the Horse Walker include:

Polar T56H Transmitter including Wearlink W.I.N.D suitably attached to the horse to capture real-time data (Heart Rate, Temperature & Other Exercise data) during the exercise routine.

POLAR G3 GPS sensor attached to the saddle to capture data (distance, speed, time).

On-board AndroidSmart Watch Computer Receiver, worn on the wrist of the rider or attached to the saddle when in the Walker, to collect the data from the transmitter.

AndroidSmart accessories like a POLAR IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter will download data via Infrared communication from the watch receiver to IrDA enabled AndroidSmart Phones or Computers with relevant Apps & Software (POLAR ProTrainer 5) to allow more detailed graphical statistical analysis & interpretation of the data recorded during the exercise routine. In this particular example with the Polar ProTrainer 5 software you can plan your workout in advance with multiple planning options, and transfer the settings to your polar product. After training, you can analyse the results with versatile graphs which you can customize according to your needs.

The above example is also pertinent to Human Exercise and Training with only minor equipment alterations

The important relevant digital data is received, transmitted, recorded, viewed then transferred and stored to a larger computer where the digital data is further analysed by specific applications (Apps) and specialized programs to provide an accurate picture of the routine.



Prices of items listed below may be lower since listed in September 2015 - Check it out!

>Pulse Heart rate Counter calories Sport Watch Red + Black Pro USB Port VGA to HDMI Converter Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Watch Phone for iOS Android iPhone6
$22.99 AU Currently OUT of STOCK Currently OUT of STOCK

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